The signed print of the artwork, Emerging from the rocks and rising up to join the breeze by Ailene Cuthbertson. You can see the signature and it's numbered 1 of 1.

Frequently asked questions

Question and answer time. Got a cuppa? Somewhere comfy? Let’s do this!

(Have a question I haven’t answered here? Send me a message—I’ll be happy to help.)

How do I buy an original?

To bring digital works of art into the real world, they do need to be printed. In my later collections, I wanted to offer something that’s akin to an original, so the largest size print of each artwork is a limited edition of only 1.

I release artworks on my website throughout the year. My patrons and my email newsletter list are always the first to know of any new artworks and collection releases.

What’s a limited edition?

A limited edition means that only a certain number of each artwork and size will be created. Each piece in the edition is hand-signed and numbered to authenticate the print and make it a one-off. Once all the prints in the edition have been printed and the edition is complete, it will be retired forever.

The edition numbers I offer are small (between 5 and 25 depending on the collection) which makes your print even more exclusive.

Can I commission a painting?

Not right now. If this changes, I’ll make an announcement to my email newsletter list first.

If you’re a dancer, perhaps we can collaborate! Get in touch here.

What are the nerdy details about giclée prints?

All prints are printed to order by a local printing house, Imageland. They have a large, very fancy printer that creates giclée prints—fine art prints made with long-life ink and paper. The prints are so fine and detailed, they’re often mistaken for oil paintings or watercolours.

I am assured that the technology is purely human but I have suspicions that Elvish master craftsmanship is involved somehow. The ink (genuine Epson high dynamic range ink) has a longevity of up to 200 years and produces sharp images with beautiful smooth tones. The papers (100% cotton rag fine art paper from Ilford) are a thick weight, have a beautiful clean matt surface, and no optical brighteners so colours last even longer. As for the printing process itself, Imagland is a ILFORD Certified Printer Partner. (Maybe there are Elves working there?)

How do I frame my print?

I encourage you to invest in professional framing. Not only does it give the artwork that extra je ne sais quoi, but a quality frame will protect your precious artwork from damage and wear.

I don’t offer framing from my studio—I leave it to the experts! In my case, my local printing house, Imageland, do all my exhibition framing. They have a gorgeous selection of framing options. And since they’re familiar with my art, they know exactly how show it to advantage.

If you’re not close to Hamilton or the Waikato, talk to your local framing house. One tip: ask your framer about glass options—not all glass is created equal! In particular, ask about glass that offers UV protection. This will help your print not to fade or discolour if exposed to light.

Can I buy a larger print?

The sizes listed for an artwork are the only ones available. I choose the sizes for each collection carefully, based on the compositions and file sizes of artworks.

If you’re looking to fill a large area, I recommend putting together several pieces in a gallery wall. I offer collector discounts on multiple artworks. Email to discuss!

Can I pick up from your studio?

I don’t have a public studio, but we may be able to arrange something! Contact me at

How is my artwork shipped?

I ship via Pack and Send who specialise in packing and shipping artworks. And much more reliable than owls. All shipping rates are set by them. For large or framed artworks the price can vary a fair bit depending on the size, weight and where you are in the world.

Please note that COVID-19 is still playing havoc with shipping times—especially for international orders. Many countries are experiencing delays.

Please note that I have no control over foreign Customs Services or Local Authorities, who may undertake surcharges, or charge duty, tax, quarantine or other fees, at their discretion, and in accordance with local regulations.

Read the shipping policy here.

What about refunds, returns, and exchanges?

As limited edition artworks are printed to order and hand-signed and numbered, all sales are final—so please choose carefully!

Read the return policy here.

I’m a dancer—can we collaborate?

Ooooo, let’s talk! Get in touch—beautiful things start to happen when creatives come together.

Do you work with interior designers?

Absolutely! I love working with designers and seeing my artwork living in beautiful rooms. I offer designers a trade discount. Whether you’re looking to buy artwork, or rent for staged homes or commercial spaces, send me a message!

What about copyright and licensing?

The short answer is that I own the copyright of all artworks I create.

The longer answer: When you buy an artwork, the copyright and the moral rights in the artwork both stay with the artist. This means that you mustn’t, even if a collector or buyer, copy or reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission from the artist. Basically, please don’t steal any of my art—that’s so uncool and I take it seriously.

If an image of an interior including the artwork is reproduced on social media, a magazine, book, or any other publication—please include attribution (the artwork title and artists name).

If you’d like to use my art for commercial or promotional purposes, please contact my licensing agency, Copyright Licensing New Zealand, for licensing options.

What’s the goats’ favourite thing to eat?

Currently—my gumboots. Closely followed by my shirt, the zip on my pants pocket, and my visual journal pages. When it comes to actual food… leaves are a favourite. Bark too. We caught the tail end of a cyclone a while ago and with all those branches down, the goats thought it was Christmas!