At the top of the book cover is the title The Faring Light Letters then the subtitle, A Magical Sort of Memoir. Then an watercolour-style image of water dancers trailing long fins. Finally, the author's name, Ailene Cuthbertson.

The Faring Light Letters: A Magical Sort of Memoir

“You’ll be astonished to hear what I’m doing now—something that has always been a particular dream of mine.”

What happens when the life you thought you should want doesn’t turn out as planned? What do you do when you’d rather be somewhere, somewhen, and someone else?

When ordinary grown-up, Ailene Cuthbertson, realises she’s living in someone else’s story, she figures she’d better start writing her own. The Faring Light Letters is that story—a fantasy-ish, memoir-ish tale of re-enchantment and finding the way.

Whimsical, poetic, and heartfelt, the letters chronicle the decade after being let go from her job and her marriage. And amidst finding herself, picking up new dreams, magical encounters in the wild New Zealand mountains, becoming a bohemian artist, playing with mythological aquatic creatures, and learning about faring lights, there may also come a time for some dreams to be left behind.

May contain traces of dragons.