The Raglan Arts Weekend 2023

Watercolour-style artworks of dancers by Ailene Cuthbertson at The Hatch exhibition.

Raglan Arts Weekend 21-23 October 2023

The Raglan Arts Weekend is our annual open studio tour.

Here’s how it all went this year.

You’re invited!

Project: Raglan Arts Weekend

Target market: Art lovers

Description: Invitation to the Raglan Arts Weekend 21–23 October

Direction notes: Upbeat, enthusiastic, and borderline cheesy. A conversation with a good friend, letting them know about an exciting event that’s coming up.

Voiceover Script

Tired of trying to figure out what to do over Labour Weekend?

Craving somewhere to enjoy the sun, a spot of sand between your toes at the beach, great food and drink, and the chance to visit local artists in their studios?

Look no further because do I have the perfect weekend for you.

The Raglan Arts Weekend is our open studio art event.






locations around Raglan

But wait…there’s more!

New for 2023, visit the exciting Emerging Artists Exhibition ‘The Hatch’ at the Raglan Town Hall.

Yes, you guessed it—this is where I’ll be this year!


new Emerging Artist Exhibition




unmissable opening night

Make it a date. Details below. See you there!

* Sunny weather not guaranteed. Side-effects are extremely common and include bringing art home that makes you smile very time you see it, finding new favourite artists to visit next year, fantastic stories to tell your friends, and an inexplicable desire to take up creative pursuits.

‘The Hatch’ Emerging Artists Exhibition at the Raglan Arts Weekend

You’re invited to the opening—Friday 20th October, 2023 at 6:30 pm
Exhibition—Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd October, 2023
Opening hours—10 am–5 pm
Raglan Town Hall 41 Bow Street, Raglan

The Hatch poster outside the Raglan Town Hall at the Raglan Arts Weekend 2023.

Being part of The Hatch exhibition this year was a grand experience.

We were at the Raglan Town Hall. From the bright Art Deco gold and orange entranceway to the hall itself (picture polished wooden floors, high ceilings with moldings, light pouring in the windows), it furnished the perfect spot of glamour for an art exhibition.

The Hatch exhibition at the Raglan Town Hall.

The opening was what Georgette Heyer would have voted ‘a sad crush’—i.e. a roaring success. And the weekend continued with a steady stream of art-lover visitors. We chatted about all sorts—from art-making processes and inspiration to the wider role of art and putting positive creativity out into the world. Fun!

Charcoal and watercolour-style artworks of dancers by Ailene Cuthbertson at The Hatch exhibition.

Oh, and check this out—I’m in the Waikato Times!

Thanks to those who made The Hatch possible, with joint funding from Rangitahi Peninsula and from the Waikato District Council Creative Communities, and the tireless efforts of Caleb Osborne and Miriam Collins.

Watercolour-style artworks of dancers by Ailene Cuthbertson at The Hatch exhibition.

P.S. If you want a closer look at these artworks, you can find them all right over here.

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