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  • Looking up

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    A pale blue sky with puffy orange and black clouds - a stunning west coast sunset.

    Here’s to literally looking up when nature puts on the most spectacular sunset. And speaking of things looking up, I’m crawling out of winter hibernation with some good news to share: the Raglan Arts Weekend is back on!

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  • It’s here! Your (online) arts weekend studio tour

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    Poster for the online studio tour videos by Ailene Cuthbertson.

    The Raglan Arts Weekend is postponed so here you go: my ‘open studio’ in a series of videos! Come and virtually visit Raglan, see my brand new collection of artworks, as well as my visual journal that’s bringing everything together. Plus, of course, plenty of guest appearances by the real star of the show—Kepler the goat!

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  • Introducing my new studio assistant and a new painting

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    A still from the reference footage next to the finished painting, Sweeping over the hills and into the sky. A figure is standing on a white rock, her hair, dress, and clouds streaming behind her in the wind. Behind her are mountains that stretch down to the sea.

    See how my new studio assistant (my new GoPro) captured the sea, bush, mountains, and beaches of my summer holiday in Golden Bay. And as a special treat, you get to see some of the reference footage that’s inspiring new artworks!

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