Looking up

A pale blue sky with puffy orange and black clouds - a stunning west coast sunset.

If I hadn’t looked up, I would’ve completely missed it.

There I was, stomping along with my head down, shoulders hunched into my jacket. As soon as the sun goes down this time of year, there’s a real bite to the air. And it was dusk, so along with everything being bathed in murky grey, a chilly wind was sweeping through. Also in keeping with the season, I reeked of silage. The slightly sweet, slightly rotten aroma tends to stick to fabric and even skin. And the silage itself gets everywhere. Bits and pieces find their way into gumboots, down shirts, and stuck in hair. It’s even more fun when those bits are thistles. With prickles.

Anyway, I was plodding back from silaging the cows (translation, making them stop complaining), staring at my gumboots stomp through the grass in the gloom. Then, I happened to look up. And I stopped and stared for a while. There was nature putting on the most spectacular show. And I’d almost missed it!

(And then, of course, I went to grab my camera!)

The Raglan Arts Weekend is back on!

Speaking of things looking up, I have some good news to share. The Raglan Arts Weekend is back on and now scheduled for Labour Weekend, the 24th to 26th of October. And if you missed the Raglan Arts Preview Exhibition just before lockdown, it’s now open so you can head along to the Old School Arts Centre and check it out.

Raglan Arts Weekend 2020 poster. We're back on! Labour Weekend 2020

And I’m still painting

I usually hibernate at this time of year but since the studio tour is back on, I HAD to crawl out of my cave/cozy couch full of blankets/warm spot in front of the fire and get back into the studio to paint! At the moment, it’s rocks and veils. I’ve been sharing the wonderful messy progress images with my Patreon supporters.

Until next time, take care, stay warm, and keep looking up!

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