Literally couldn’t help but dance

On the left: Can't help but dance, a digital artwork of a ballerina sitting on a bench in the morning sun. Her white tulle skirts pool about her and she bends gracefully to tie her pointe shoes. On the right, Radiant, a black and white digital artwork of a ballerina en pointe.
On the left: “Can’t help but dance”. On the right, “Radiant”. Limited edition fine art prints.

I’m delighted to invite you to… the 12th annual Figurative art exhibition at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery!

View the human figure painted, photographed, and sculpted by artists from all over the world. And, because is this is an online exhibition, you can do it right now from the comfort of wherever you happen to be! But, before you click the link and whizz over there… let’s figuratively do this in style!

Imagine. You’re greeted at the gallery door by a tuxedo-clad invitation checker who waves you inside with a smile. You enter, and 42 seconds later, you’re holding a chilly champagne flute in one hand and a mouth amuser with salmon mousse in the other (#goals). You wend your way through the throng towards the artworks. This might be your chance to take some delightfully polysyllabic words for a spin: juxtaposition, ephemeral, zeitgeist… Hmm, not that last one since no one in the whole of history has been able to pronounce it. Ah, never mind. You just want to enjoy some fabulous art! All set? Allons-y!

P.S. Yes, I literally did a crazy, happy dance when Light Space & Time presented their awards for this exhibition. My artwork, Can’t help but dance won 4th Place in the Photography and Digital category! And, continuing the ballet theme, Radiant also won a Special Merit Award.

A huge thanks to everyone at Light Space & Time for their fantastic work supporting artists. I’m so honoured to have these artworks receive awards and be exhibited alongside talented artists from around the world.

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