Introducing The Faring Light Letters

A watercolour-like painting of mermaids. Detail from the book cover from The Faring Light Letters.

Dear Ailene,

Let me congratulate you on your big news! I hear you’ve written your very first book (and I know you’ve always wanted to write one) and the beautiful slim volume is available NOW.

The rumour mill has been going wild. Is it true it’s a fantasy-ish, memoir-ish tale of re-enchantment and finding the way? Has it been described as whimsical, poetic, and heartfelt? Does it really have dryads, mermaids, and dragons? I truly hope so because it sounds like just my sort of book!

Moreover, I want to help celebrate your stupendous achievement (after all, it’s not every day one becomes a published author!) by sharing your book with all of my friends who I know will LOVE it.

I’m so proud of you, Ailene, and can’t wait to order my own copy of your splendid book today.

I finish as I began, with the warmest congratulations.

Yours in tongue-in-cheek,
The Old Mountain Art Studio Blog

At the top of the book cover is the title The Faring Light Letters then the subtitle, A Magical Sort of Memoir. Then an watercolour-style image of water dancers trailing long fins. Finally, the author's name, Ailene Cuthbertson.

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