Introducing my new studio assistant and a new painting

A still from the reference footage next to the finished painting, Sweeping over the hills and into the sky. A figure is standing on a white rock, her hair, dress, and clouds streaming behind her in the wind. Behind her are mountains that stretch down to the sea.

I wonder… if I can spend the day out on the boat AND film the intro for my next video? (It’s fun to follow your curiosity.)

Turns out I can!

Wet, salty hair tucked under cap, sunscreen smeared everywhere, and all!

This look is actually fairly appropriate since it’s how I spent my summer holiday. And that’s what I want to share with you in this video – my adventures in gorgeous Golden Bay.

Adventures with my GoPro over the summer holidays

Hit play to see how my new studio assistant (my new GoPro) captured the sea, bush, mountains, and beaches. And as a special treat, you get to see some of the reference footage that will turn into my new collection!

Watch time: 2 minutes.

And, as I mention in the video, I’m busy turning one of those scenes into a painting right now!

Watch time: 1 minute.

Veils + nature + wind = a new painting

Take two floaty, silk veils. Add summer sun and wind streaming over bush-covered mountains and valleys. And a dash of a view all the way to the sea and Farewell Spit. Press record on the new GoPro for half an hour or so. And you have the start of a new painting!

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