An award, an exhibition, a certification, and other reasons to celebrate

An award-winning artwork, Splashing and laughing over the edge, by Ailene Cuthbertson. Ailene is now a Certified Visual Journal Studio Creativity Coach. And the last photo Ailene posted on social media before quitting: she's walking away, followed by her pet goats.

I tried. I really did. But this just had to come out in caps: I HAVE SO MANY AWESOME THINGS TO TELL YOU!!!!

(Quite proud of myself that I didn’t go overboard on the exclamation marks. Four is a good number, I think, denoting a suitable level of excitement. Any more than four is a sure sign of an insane mind.)

Digital artwork of a waterfall, white spray gushing over a mossy bank. At the top of the waterfall sits a river naiad. She seems to have water pouring from one hand, adding to the waterfall.

Special Merit Award

I am delighted and honoured to have my artwork Splashing and laughing over the edge shown in the 11th Nature Art Exhibition at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.

And over the moon to have it win a Special Merit Award!!!!

Especially when the gallery says that for this art competition they judged 590 entries by artists from 21 countries around the world. Woah!

You can see the exhibition online here.

© 2020, Ailene Cuthbertson, Splashing and laughing over the edge. Limited edition fine art print, 594 × 420 mm (23.4 × 16.5 inches).

Ailene is smiling and has some of her visual journals tucked under one arm.

Me, a certified Creativity Coach

The past year, I’ve talked (a lot!) about Lisa Sonora’s Creative Immersion.

But what you might not know (because, well, I’ve been keeping rather quiet about it) is that in addition to deepening my own creative experience, I was also learning how to teach Lisa’s unique approach to creativity to others.

And now, I’m so proud to say that I’m a Certified Visual Journal Studio Creativity Coach!!!!

I have a big, hairy, audacious plan. Get your happy dance ready so you can celebrate with me – it’s going to be grand!

Ailene is stomping away over the paddock, followed by three excited goats (because she miiight have food!)

I quit social media


It’s like when a lamb squishes through the fence and after some time, realises that it’s here. And mum is over there. And IT CAN’T GET BACK! So it yells. And yells. (And yells. Oh boy, they’ve got some lungs on those things.)

The steady stream of aaaaah is just loud enough and just pathetic enough that you can’t tune it out. Maybe this time it’ll rub two braincells together and figure out how to get through the fence by itself…

It never does.

So you stomp out. The amount of chasing required increases exponentially with the lamb’s age. But eventually you corner it, grab an armful of wriggly, bawling wool, and chuck it over the fence.

And ah! Sweet, sweet silence!!!!

It feels like that.

How about you? I’m over here, finger poised over the exclamation mark key, ready to cheer your wins too (no matter how big or small!)

What are you celebrating this week?

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